The Waterbury Button Company provides clothing designers with many historical items as well as modern fashion designs.

It all started when the “War of 1812” interrupted the supply of buttons coming into the United States from England. Aaron Benedict formed the beginning of what was to become The Waterbury Button Company and began to melt down pewter pots and pans in order to make buttons for military uniforms.

Between 1812 to 1849, the company started manufacturing brass as well as pewter buttons and became the nation’s first caster of brass. In 1849, The Waterbury Button Company was formed solely for the manufacturing of buttons and uniform accessories. With a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality buttons. The Waterbury Button Company continues to make buttons for all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as for fashion designers and career uniforms.

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Founded in 1812, The Waterbury Button Company has perfected their craftsmanship from engraving tools that are no larger than toothpicks to computer-aided design and technology. We ensure that quality of the buttons are beyond compare and shipped with care to customers around the world.



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Waterbury Button Company has a rich history in manufacturing innovation and staying power. When the Titanic sailed in 1912, the 100-year-old Waterbury Button company was asked to make the buttons for the crew of the White Star Line on their double-breasted coats. 85 years later, when the costumes for the movie Titanic were needed, Waterbury Button used the same dies to make buttons for actors portraying the ship’s crew.