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We have the largest array of standard and custom finishes of metal buttons inthe world. Because our buttons are stamped out of pure brass, our finish optionsare almost limitless.

Looking for buttons that dazzle like jewels? We use 24-karat gold plating to finish buttons that glisten on a suit, sport coat or uniform.

Need a button that looks 100 years old? Our advanced techniques can create a range of distressed looks.

Pewter, silver ox, antique nickel, antique brass – these are just a few of the scores of finishes in our palette. Whatever your market – fashion, career apparel, military or custom gifts – The Waterbury Button Company works with your designers or merchandisers to create the perfect finishing touch.

Take a look for yourself. Contact us for samples of standard finishes or to let us work with you to develop a custom finish or one that meets strict specifications.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-928-1812.

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Available Finishes